Carpet & Rug Cleaning

Clean loses its polish with a dirty carpet.



Flooring is one of the most essential design factors of any work space, the first thing clients notice. But a work space can only be impeccably clean with an impeccably cleaned carpet.

Commercial carpeting is a collector, a magnet for dirt.  The color of your carpet might conceal some, but it’s all still there, burrowed deep into the carpet pile.

Gravel, asphalt, dirt, oil from foot traffic (staff, customers, visitors, delivery people). Food and drink stains. Pet dander (whether your space is pet-friendly or not). Dust, mites, mold, spores, bacteria and allergens contribute to poor indoor air quality and toxin exposure, reducing productivity.


Whichever soft-surface flooring (broadloom, modular carpet tiles or area rugs) you have, it requires general maintenance (sweeping/vacuuming) as well as periodic deep cleaning. The more traffic, the greater the need for professional deep cleaning. Vacuuming alone won’t keep carpets free from dirt, dust and allergens.

Professional cleaning enriches carpet appearance, extends the life of your investment, removes dirt and stains, eradicates that not-so-fresh smell and improves indoor air quality.

The best deep clean comes from hot water extraction (or steam cleaning) which removes at least 97% of embedded dirt, difficult biologic and chemical stains, allergens, dust mites, bacteria, mud and other debris.

We use environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions that leave virtually no residue but ensures the deepest, most thorough clean.