Education Cleaning

It takes more than an apple to ‘keep the doctor away.’



Vital to the success of education, a clean facility safeguards the health, safety and well-being of all who roam its corridors: staff, students, parents, and visitors.

We recognize that a major concern of administrators is the rampant spread of germs and bacteria in a high-traffic closely-contained environment.

Our cleaning goal is to always minimize that spread of germs and bacteria.

Long gone are the days when ‘an apple a day ‘kept the doctor away.’ 

From colds and flu to strep throat and pink-eye to stomach bugs and everything in between, germ-producing illnesses abound.

From toddlers to adolescents. They breathe. They cough and sneeze. They rub eyes and noses. Then touch someone or place a soiled tissue on a clean desk until they can discard it. It happens again and again with germs and bacteria leap-frogging from one to another faster than anyone one can say “gesundheit.”



Consistent deep cleaning not only assures the health and welfare of students and staff, it reduces overall costs, and improves school attendance numbers which ultimately affects funding, and enhances the marketability of the facility.

A regular deep clean minimizes irritants and allergens, eliminates germs and bacteria before they breed, and creates the healthiest environment for all.

Our cleaning goal is to minimize the spread of germs and bacteria in such a high-traffic environment.

We clean thoroughly and strategically.  Bonded and insured, our team understands the need for kid-friendly strategies to keep your facility in tip-top shape. We use eco-friendly, non-toxic products that eradicate germs, bacteria, fungi, and odors on contact, improve air quality, prevent cross-contamination and reduce the risk of bacterial transfer from person to person.

Using safe, non-toxic products, we scrub, wash and rinse clean all surfaces, windows, carpets, glass, doorknobs, bathrooms and toys.

Then we sanitize and disinfect. Sanitizing kills 99.9% of germs identified on its label, while disinfecting kills nearly 100% of the germs identified on its label.

We only use non-phenol-based sanitizing products registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to kill germs and microorganisms, and/or inhibit their growth.

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