Hardwood Cleaning

Adding polish to an impeccably clean space.



Hardwood floors make a beautiful statement: The merging of a classic with a modern edge. As one of the most popular flooring choices today, it stands the test of time, is highly resilient to the rigors of work life, and wards off stains and spills when properly finished.

Hardwood floors are much easier to maintain, though, and create a much healthier environment for those with allergies or environmental sensitivity.


Hardwood flooring needs to be regularly cleaned to maintain its luster. Over time, foot traffic leaves it dull and scratched.  Liquids get spilled. Scuff marks get ingrained into the surface. Sliding furniture, and rolling office chairs result in stains, scratches and dents.

And then there’s the contaminants that breed as dirt and dust collect, nurturing a proliferation of bacteria.


By deep cleaning your floors, you minimize the effects of daily wear and tear. We analyze the surface and determine which type of cleaning chemicals will work best to clean and condition. Then we carefully remove embedded dirt and other small particles of debris.

We clean and buff. Then we wax, polish and seal.


Absolute durability. Traditional appeal. Highly resilient. Hardwood makes an excellent flooring choice, deserving of the best in maintenance and care.

Renew the sheen of your hardwood floors and restore its flawlessness with our professional deep cleaning service.

By removing dirt and embedded debris particles, we ensure that your hardwood endures. A protective seal wards off unwanted debris and allows the surface to maintain its integrity. A finish protects the wood while giving it a beautiful shine, making it easier to clean day to day, requiring only vacuuming and a light mopping.

*We recommend deep cleaning at least twice a year (depending on the amount of traffic).