Why The Cleanliness Of Your Parking Facility Is Necessary …

Failure to keep your lot/garage clean can be hazardous for a business reputation.

Though it’s often overlooked, a parking facility’s cleanliness should be the priority for every business owner or leasing agent. Regardless of how amazing your products or services are inside; your parking facility is one of the things your customers judge you on. A dirty garage/lot not only makes potential customers or renters skeptical about you, it hastens deterioration and erosion creating unnecessary maintenance costs in the long run.

A well-maintained parking facility is critical to attracting good customers. Cleanliness rates as one of the main factors in determining where people shop. When your facility looks clean, it projects an image of success, giving your current and potential customers confidence that your business pays attention to detail and that their safety and satisfaction is your priority. Don’t let your competitors gain an advantage simply because their parking lot is more inviting.

Professional parking facility cleaning is necessary:

To remove surface dirt and debris. A clean, well-paved facility, free of garbage, oil slicks and the like, is a great indicator of the pride you take in your business, and the environment assuring to your customers/tenants understand that you will take the necessary steps to make a pleasant experience from beginning to end. A clean parking facility is inviting. If the outside of your business is well taken care of it can help create a positive feeling that the customer will carry throughout the remainder of their experience with your business.
A dirty facility, on the other hand, is a glaring indicator that the business doesn’t value itself, or its visitors. Customers pay attention. Cleanliness ranks as a main factor for determining where customers do business. The cleanliness of the exterior of a business is as important as the cleanliness of its interior. Show current and potential customers that your business is detail oriented and considerate of their health, safety, and satisfaction. Don’t let poor maintenance on the outside of your building tarnish the image you created on the inside.

To promote good behavior.  A well-maintained parking facility sets the tone for good, respectful behavior. If a parking lot is already dirty, people are more likely to leave their own litter behind, creating even more of an eye sore and more trash to eventually remove. A maintained parking lot discourages littering. People are less inclined to litter in an area that is neat and clean because it’s clear that someone is paying attention.

To reduce rodent infestation. A clean and well-maintained parking facility deters the infestation of rodents and other pests. Debris, particularly food debris, establishes territory and becomes a feeding ground that is difficult to dismantle. Rodents and their counterparts breed in such an environment causing damage by chewing holes, building nests and scaring customers away.


Professional cleaning and maintenance reduces erosion. Pavement not regularly creates silt and debris build up which can wear on the surface. Excess dirt, sand, garbage and other debris can cause erosion. Removal of these abrasives prevents premature deterioration.

To promote safety, dismantle anxiety and limit your business’ liability. A dirty or poorly-maintained parking garage/lot is an eyesore, making customers/tenants/visitors uneasy about visiting your property. As the first thing your clients see when they get to your property, you don’t want to give them the wrong first impression
Potholes and rough spots hinders everyone’s safety. Major cracks and dips in your facility can lead to legal action. As garbage and debris tend to collect in gutters, keeping these areas clean helps prevent accidents, as buildup can cause vehicles to skid. Low-speed vehicle mishaps or slip and falls will leave you liable. By making parking lot maintenance a priority, you establish an easy pathway to and from your building so that any visitor remains safe and out of harm’s way.

To maintain the internal environment of your business. A dirty parking facility leads to dust, dirt, salt, and debris being tracked inside by staff and visitors. If you need an easy way to keep the inside of your building looking and smelling fresh, professional cleaning is the answer.
 To limit pollution and protect the environment.  Over time, grit, trash, nutrient particles and other debris find their way into the atmosphere (air pollutants) and storm drain run-off systems that lead to streams, rivers, and lakes, damaging the wildlife and putting toxic particles into our drinking water. Moreover, surfaces that do no provide adequate drainage can lead to standing water, another hazard to both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Removing dirt and debris will help reduce blockages in sewers, improving drainage. This will help prevent the formation of puddles and standing water, which can deteriorate asphalt. A clean surface means it will be free of harmful chemical and toxin build up, improving surface durability and longevity.

To reduce long-term costs. It’s cost effective, as parking lots that are maintained regularly and well are less likely to have problems with loose gravel, broken glass, dirt, or other debris which, left untended, accumulate creating safety and environmental issues, and lead to costly lot repairs on unnecessary lot deterioration and damage.

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