Residential Extras

For your home, sweet home.


Not wanting you to overlook the foundational elements of your home, we provide specific-focused cleaning services for your carpet and rugs, tile and grout or hardwood flooring. Interested? Get a free quote.

We offer professional carpet & rug cleaning that will have your carpets and rugs fresh, clean and usable within just a few hours.

Not a surface clean but a thorough and effective deep clean without harmful cleaning products that may leave a chemical residue.  Safe for you. Safe for your family. Safe for your pets.

Hardwood floors stand up well. Daily wear and tear from shoes, pets, spills, and furniture gradually dulls its appearance while embedded dust and dirt nurtures the growth of bacteria.

Our deep cleaning extracts and removes embedded dirt, debris, grease, hair, soil, dust, built-up residue and contaminants.

Tile is durable and beautiful. The downside is grout which over time accumulates dirt, grime, spills and contaminants dulling tiles and creating a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria.

Our professional deep-cleaning process improves your home’s cleanliness, protects your investment, and improves indoor air quality while safeguarding the health of your family and pets.