Influencing Well-Being & Improving Productivity

For office and facility managers, providing a clean, healthy work environment is vital to maintaining an efficient and successful organization. A clean workplace shows you value your organization, employees, and customers.  It creates a welcoming atmosphere, and shows that you take great pride in your facility. Having a clean, well-organized and sanitary space can also be an excellent marketing tool when current or prospective customers drop in for a visit.

With more bodies occupying less space, the cleanliness of an office is even more important to a company’s brand, client perception, and workplace safety, the latter playing a key role in securing employee well-being and influencing productivity.

Keeping a safe, clean workplace does not need to be a challenge.  At Skyy Cleaning, we provide deep-cleaning services that will have your workplace — from reception area to restrooms — fresh, clean and healthy without interfering with day-to-day operations.

We aim to deliver a high quality service and develop customized plans to meet your needs for deep cleans (weekly, monthly, quarterly, seasonal, or one-time).*

Whatever your requirements, we’ll find a cleaning solution that suits you and your budget.

* We also provide janitorial services.

Reception Area

Just beyond the front door is an introduction. It’s where clients and guests wait, where their opinions about you and your business develop. A clean reception area enhances your image. Dusty shelves and light fixtures, grimy upholstery or rugs, unpleasant odors, smudges on walls and glass gives the wrong impression.


Employees need a break room/kitchen space to retreat, to engage informally with colleagues. Such a gathering place fosters much-needed community, enhancing morale and productivity. High-traffic areas, where food and drink are handled though can be a challenge as studies conclude that in an one hour, germs can spread from one person to up to 60% of the office.

Work Areas

With constant deadlines and increasing workloads, people do a great deal in their private work spaces, including eating and drinking. That means the space attracts daily dirt and debris and makes your employees more vulnerable to viruses. A clean work space helps employees feel motivated and organized, and stops the spread of germs that lead to illness


Restrooms are high-traffic areas with many touch points, and dirty restrooms are morale killers. If not cleaned regularly, disease-causing germs easily pass from one employee to the next. A clean, sanitized restroom gives a positive impression, promotes good health and hygiene, and reduces the spread of infection and disease. It’s a must in any working environment.