Tile & Grout Cleaning

An intersection of beauty and resiliency.



Ceramic. Porcelain. Limestone. Travertine. Natural stone. Polished Marble. All beautiful, it elevate your space from simple to extraordinary by either exuding cool elegance or warm beauty. Durable, long lasting and able to stand up to wear and tear, tiles can be a challenge to maintain.

Recall how stunning your tile looked when first installed. Brilliantly polished. Immaculately clean.  A worthy investment except for a downside: the grout that holds it all together. Fresh grout looks beautiful, but without proper care, it becomes sediment-stained, and mildewed.


Grout is a highly porous substance that easily accumulates dirt, grime and spills, and contaminants. Mildew settles in. Contaminants follow, dulling the tile and creating a breeding ground of disease-causing bacteria.

Maximize the aesthetics of your work space.

Using the right equipment, products and processes helps restore tile surfaces to a good-as-new appearance. Removing debris that can weaken the grout will extend the life tile and support hygienic processes in place to protect you and your staff.


Traditional cleaning methods, using harsh cleaning chemicals, only removes surface oil and further embeds dirt. Simple mopping just pushes the dirt around without removing it.

Whatever your cleaning needs, from offices to lobbies, and other tiled areas of a commercial building and whatever your specific tile, our cleaning team will work around your schedule to minimize any interruptions and help keep your business running smoothly.